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Hey babes!

I’m Steph and welcome to my website – a place where I house all my recipes and ramblings. A bit about me, I’m a second-generation Australian, with a Chinese mum and a Hungarian dad. I played the cello for 15 years and fell into media and advertising. And now here I am with my goal for the Lucky Dragon Supper Club to be a household name and primary source for elevated recipes, dinner party content, food styling, and inspiring stories for home cooks and cooking enthusiasts.

The Lucky Dragon Supper Club was created in 2020 when my partner (Carlos) and I moved with friends into a gritty penthouse apartment in Redfern, Sydney. Food is our love language and we were all great cooks ready to learn, experiment, and even more ready to eat. At the time, the first COVID-19 lockdown was imminent, and whilst there was a lot of uncertainty in the air, we found comfort in knowing this was going to be a time where we were going to eat like kings and queens.

We created the Lucky Dragon Supper Club as a way to share our culinary adventures with our loved ones, who we could not dine with as a result of the social distancing and restrictions.

Today our vision is to enable you to create memorable meals and experiences for you and your loved ones, and what we stand for is:


Food is the love language that inspires connection, conversation, and nourishes the soul.


Bang on your fave tunes, enjoy the process, and love what you make


We lift each other up because we’re all part of something larger than ourselves


We hold a deep respect for the diverse traditions, beliefs, and perspectives that define humanity and the human experience.

Lucky Dragon Supper Club About
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